Fri, 01/24/2014 - 14:06 -- kingg17

If you play a game

Do you consider yourself a player or a gamer?

What if the sky and ocean reversed?

What if our roles in life were extremely cursed?

What if good is actually bad?

What if bad was actually good?

What if doing the wrong things were right?

What if your sick of being Wright?

What if you write off being in the light?

If life was gone would you see the lite?

What is the difference between positive and negative

I don't want to transform into a worthless delegate

To be rich isn't always great

To be filled with richness isn't as taint,

You can't be tainted if your filled with faith

Positive odds disects

The negative bods I respect

You have to work to put food on the table?

What type of mess is this? You need to be labeled?

As a criminal or innocent,

It doesn't help you much in the future at all

You have to prove yourself to another human being, what is this world becoming?

It seems we degrade ourselves on a fair decline

Our humanity was never restored

People rather be possessed than posses such skill in 

The right state of mind

Prioritizing nonetheless to beat being bored


-Gerald King (GK) King G


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