Human: What a Thing To Be

Sun, 05/04/2014 - 15:06 -- mm59854


Humanity. Human.

What a terrible thing to be.

When we look back at everything, 

Humanity has painted red,

Every twisted evil thought,

Every twisted evil deed,

We, who kill our mother,

We, who take and give nothing,

We, who slaughter each other in droves,

We, who think only of bettering ourselves,

Of stepping on others if it is to our advantage.

Do we feel shame?

Do we feel the loss of everything we have killed?

Do we feel the ghosts of those we murdered?

Humanity. Human.

What a terrible thing to be.

Our history is drenched with blood,

Our air laden with the screams of the past.

Countries, kingdoms and vast empires,

Built upon a ground slick with the remnants of what once was,

Built upon the backs of corpses,

Of mothers and children,

Of fathers brutally immolated before the very eyes of their families.

Do we tremble at the thought of suck wreckage?

Do we shudder at such indifference?

Humanity. Human.

What a terrible thing to be.

We, who make excuses,

We, who accuse others of evil,

We, who are the biggest of hypocrites.

Humanity. Human.

We are proud to be called so,

We dominate the earth.

We had everything,

But we wanted more,

And so we killed our brothers,

Fought amongst each other,

Snarling and tearing at each other's throats,

Like a pack of wolves gone mad,

We have killed.

And for what?

"Territories" that didn't belong to us to begin with?

A land that was there to be shared?

A lump of cold metal?

A rock as black as pitch?

We have killed,

And for what?

To get a point across?

Because one did not share an opinion?

Did not share a belief?

We have killed,

And for what?

Because of a difference in appearance?

Because of some deluded and misplaced sense of superiority?

We have treated each other worse than animals,

We have condemned each other to the fates we ourselves fear,

We have mutilated our reflections,

Warped ourselves,

Warped the idea of humanity.

Our hands, our bodies, our very minds are dripping.

We celebrate the deaths of those who oppose us,

We celebrate the conquering of ourselves.

There is no good,\

No bad,

Not where we're concerned.

Our hands are too red for that.

No, we are the same,

Every one of our "enemies"

Every one of our brothers,

Every human,

Humanity is one.

Looking through the window,

All you see of the scenery is black.

Our colors, once so bright,

Once so beautiful,

So gorgeously radiant,

So resplendent

We have blackened them with the dirt of hatred,

Of jealousies,

Of petty disagreements,

Of ridiculousness and war.

We had so much potential.

And we allowed ourselves to be tempted,

We bowed low to the snake,

To the forbidden,

We embraced the darkness of what we have become.


We call ourselves strong,


We call ourselves brave,


We call ourselves true,

Oh, shame.

If only we were strong enough.

If only we could be kind to one another.

We say we know what love is, but do we really?

If only we tried,

To be more than what we have become,

To do and give for nothing,

To nurture instead of murder,

To be content with what we have,

To stop seeking more,

To stop being destructive.

If only we changed.

Humanity. Human.

It is such a beautiful privilege,

Such a wonderful gift,

Out of every species, we were chosen,

To rule, to be as kings and queens over the land,

To be proud,

To be beautiful,

To be loving,

The earth, the wonderful , lovely earth,

Was given into our care,

Our people, over every continent,

Stretching across oceans and precious, precious so precious lands,

Were given into our care as well.

We were blessed with life,

With years,

With time.

And we've wasted it away abusing every gift that was bestowed upon us.

We were chosen to be leaders,

We were chosen to be intelligent,

To be brilliant,

To soar and to shine,

And we've used that gift to hurt each other.

We could be so much more.

We need to be so much more.

Humanity. Human.

What a wonderful thing to be. 


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