Human Pollution

Our perception is edited to a settin'

In which the cause of the sun ascendin'

Is due to the hour

What produces resources to use, consume, then reproduce

We abuse and devour

Power cravings lead to raping earth through plantations

Abundant in starvation as we reap the sweet but sow the sour

To extend plant life we spread what kills the flower

We destroy permanent trees for temporary towers

Controlled demolitions but undisciplined livin'

Earth could be diagnosed with an illness

Human Pollution

A backwards nature like shitting after the shower

Human Pollution

For silent peace make the machine guns,

the drums that sync with the screams, louder

Human Pollution

Sticks and stones may physically hurt me 

but triggering words murder see our

Human Pollution

Defecate where we meditate, perfectin' the perfect mistake

Human Pollution

Cursed with a blessin' the laws of Hell rule Heaven

Human Pollution 

Fixin' our addiction to death at the grave

The livin' restart button, each heart beat hits it closer to the limit

Human Pollution

Like the military, medical charity, the systematic evolution, AI,

It's an exclusive inclusion inducin' illusion

 A delusional cause

How are you contributin' ?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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