Human Nature

Love is nothing but human nature 

It's like the wind

I can't see it but I can feel it when it's coming

And I'm standing in the eye of the hurricane with you

I didn't see this coming 

This all came and hit me like an earthquake

I will stand my ground even as the pavements below me start to shake

I have to foundation to build myself back up again 

After the mayhem 

After the wind hits

After my heart breaks and our worlds split 

Love is nothing but human nature

And sometimes you'll feel its tide

I miss the boy with the ocean living in his eyes

His heart is warm 

Just like the sunkissed sand

I'm lost at sea

And I don't think he understands

How I've sunken down to the oceans floor

While trying to find my way back to the common shore

But I guess lost at sea is where I'm meant to be when he looks at me

Love is like the seasons

Always changing

But only for the better

It's like the heat on a summers day

It's like the first blossom of a daisy in the spring

Or the first fall of an autumn leaf on a tree

It's like the gentle touch of a snowflake on my skin

Love is like the air

You breathe it in

Only to one day let it go

Love is nothing but human nature 

And it will run its course


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