The human of fear

Fri, 07/11/2014 - 01:01 -- Upendi


The Human race is consistently being invaded by our imaginations of FEAR.

There's always Ups and there will almost always be more Downs, coming with our days. Our days are short, so why don't we enjoy them? Because, we are Scared. Scared of the future. The out come, the urge; the urge to know is the urge to desire, a desire of understanding. We don't understand why things happen to us so in result we hide under a mask, a mask of fear. Fear is a figment of our imaginations. The Human race is consistently being invaded by our imaginations of Fear. We have extraordinary imaginations. Sometimes, mostly as children, we have a hard time figuring out the difference between reality and a figment of our imagination. However, as many others believe, as do I that Imagination is the ONLY weapon in the war against reality.

The mysteries that surround us in the everyday life's we live, we DON'T see. We can't see. Even though we don't realize it we are almost too SCARED to even look! Our fear over takes our minds! As children grow they develop a fear. A fear of the dark, the cold, of storms, of many things so why do we gain our fears? So we know the consequences. The power of NO is the same as the power of FEAR.


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