A Human in Disguise

Sat, 12/06/2014 - 03:31 -- pmc6721


Looking into the mirror,

Wiping away the tears.

A new day is ahead

And a new face appears.

No one can see past

The cover that is shown,

But nobody really understands

What is called the unknown.



Many people hide

Behind the walls of actuality.

Only when the makeup is gone,

It finally becomes a reality.

Waking up and becoming a robot,

Every day it’s the same routine.

The perfect people that walk around

Are only perfect when they are seen.



Life is a picture

Just hanging on a wall.

Everyone just trying to please,

Anyone at all.

The word perfect

Can only begin to be defined.

Everyone puts on a mask.

Everyone is blind.



The feelings, the personality,

The people really inside.

The honesty, the kindness,

The stubbornness, the pride.

The hidden person deep down

That is always covered with a disguise.

The determination, the generosity,

The hope in her eyes.

The strength, the faith,

The love in her heart.

The mistakes and her laugh,

Are what makes her art.

The worry in her smile,

The beautiful imperfections.

The start of uncovering

All of her protections.

The hard-working, the caring,

The friendly, the sweet.

Can only begin to describe

What FLAWLESS really means.

Am I flawless?


Or am I just a human? 

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