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(poems go here) Human
By:Cyvone Walker

Back in the days, they classify me as nothing.
They claim the stain on my skin is showing,
But am I not human.

Excuse my language, but they also classified as a Negro.
But to my Knowledge, some of them become the world’s greatest heroes,
But back then I was not human.

Have you ever notice that when we bleed, we bleed red.
And when we cry tears flows from the fossett of our eyes.
Have you ever stop..... to think, that our minds just might be alike.
But I’m not human.

If I wipe off the stain you claim is showing, would it change who I am or my appearance.
Just like a dream that was presented in a speech, Can sit together and be treated as equals,
Or do equal signs only appear in equations?

Should it matter on my shade, than my emotion?
Do earth goes around only showing day...?
Well Yes I am me, Yes I can feel, Yes I am real, Yes I am black, and Yes I AM HUMAN.

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Black people are human and i'm here to show what lay behind your skin color.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

people are human beings

we all bleed red, no one or group should be outcast because they are different from other people

people based these concepts on illusion that's false

we need to come together and learn the meaning of acceptance

keep writing-great poem


Thank you 


GREAT topic to write about. Keep it up !




Deep and very powerful. You have added on to a chain of people before you who were trying to send the same message. Consider yourself apart of a great history of people who will be known for changing the world with their words. Thank you for the message. Keep writing on my friend. 


Powerfully written!! Great job! 


Math, eventually, becomes the world.

Equal signs will come,

As soon as the world realizes it.

Humans will be humans.

Every life is equal.

So simple.

How much longer can it take?


Beautiful, baby. Lots of us have this same problem. I am pansexual, and I get TONS of derogatory comments, just because I was born loving everyone, rather than just males. Beautiful!

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