I want to see the world

Where did it go?

It was once beautiful

But now turned to smoke


As I brush off its remains

Still leaves its tainted stains

And I thought that we

Still have a heart


We masquerade among the surface

Countering all of its purpose

Who would think that we

Would care for it all?


Carefully we bind together

All that's left to mend-

Until forever


Do daggers sting?

Will birds ever sing?

What ever happen to colors

Shining free?


Could we ever escape?

A polluted place

That fogs all parts of our



More life begins to grow

But would we ever know

The sacrifice we’re making?

The risk that we’re taking?


Last time I looked over

This world had flourished

With luck like a clover

But not yet finished-



In your eyes

You still see more

But that more you make

Becomes a pasture of waste


Why still carry on?

With the world still bright

It's doing fine

But you still modify-


All of life

But you've gone too far...

Are we innovative?

Or just monsters with scars?


With all this time left.

I wished to forget.

What we all did to ruin

Life; that we live.


Look at what's around you

Isn't the view beautiful?

If you want to keep seeing

A divine work of art

Save the remains that still lie below us

You can find it

I'm sure of it.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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