Huer Dur dur in thirds

Bleh Bleh huer dur dur

Three groups- three crews all my friends

but i keep em seprate 

And each knows a different me 

Hue hue hur dur dur

And each a part my persona

or all an amalgum of my psyche, ya dig?

The future forward with the great grades and lame senses of humor

straight edges, them.

The illegal talenteds who are gunna do some big things,

too bad the can't keep their acts together.

And the pessemist recluse individuals; most likely in a tree house listening to a new album.

Huer dur we know whats up and we despise the commercial plane. 

On the off chance these groups collide, they will discuss three men, all of which have the same name and huer dur different interests. 

And each man is the same

and each the other

three embodiments of the same enegy

Huer dur me, get it?




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