noun: humanity; plural noun: humanities


  1. the human race; human beings collectively.

I am one amongst many, a being apart of a larger group.

We each have our own place amongst society.

One specific area to flourish, and display our skills.

I hope to never lose my place in society.


  1. humaneness; benevolence.

I hope to be kind.

Even when my enemies wishes to tear me to shreds.

Or when I'm forced to choose between my survival and theirs.

I hope to have the strength to be-



  1. learning or literature concerned with human culture, especially literature, history, art, music, and philosophy.

Gathering lessons from each subject, allowing me to hold onto to my humaneness.

I will use these subjects in order to connect to other from around the world.

There will be happiness, sadness, life and death in my pursuit.

Hopefully, I will never have to live without my humanity.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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