How to Write a Song

**This is (instructions) for all those Billboard Top Ten celebrities who sing the same old songs about partying and love and lust over the same old tired drum machine beats. This is for the musicians of old, who wrote and performed thier music without computer-generated noise or Autotune. This is for people like me who are dying to hear something on the radio that doesn't numb thier ears.


Start with a rap

rythmic & ryhming


and a techno beat

then cut to the autotuned run refrain.

Make it obnoxious

Its a parody

Hit a rap bridge, the repeating nasal chorus

and let it die.

It'll die anyway.


After a moment of

pure silence

start with one note

rich and filling

bring in two more for the chord.

And start into a melody




by machines

Let the lyrics come

slowly yet surely

don't force it

don't waste a single breath.

It should be light-footed poetry

flowing and dancing

and conveying meaning with every movement,

knowing when to step back and let the music speak.


The song should live.

And if it is good, it will not die,

but merely conclude gracefully,

leaving us wistful

until it is played again.




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