How to write a poem about your senior year not going at all how you planned:

Mon, 12/11/2017 - 18:19 -- care

Think a thought and let it simmer

Go for a walk in the woods and get wonderfully lost

Take a blow to the head and taste the liquor

Jump on a plane and forget the cost


Cut the gluten and end up thinner

Feel the skin around your knuckles embossed  

Get stoned and lean in to kiss her

Feel the luminous love melt the February frost


Indulge with aristocrats and their four-course dinner

See the signs of the fairytale love exhaust

Walk hand in hand by the Seine river

Feel the pain of a countries loss


Trace the etched tally marks on splintered bunks and shiver  

Walk the dirt paths of the holocaust

Let it overwhelm you and reconsider

Take your anxieties and give them a toss


Spray the French perfumes and let them linger

Fall into a seasonal trough

Mend the pain at the expense of your liver

Then pick yourself up and dust yourself off


Quiet the thoughts that leave you bitter

Let yourself feel soft

Sing out Psalms for all that glitters

Lift your sorrows aloft

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