How Would I Know


Whittier College
13406 e. Philadelphia street
United States
34° 2' 0.294" N, 117° 33' 29.3508" W

What is the one thing I can’t live without?
Is it my phone
my laptop

Would I feel alone if I didn't have these things
Would I die where I was standing
Would the world cave in its self?

Or would I keep walking and move on
Even though I no longer had a phone to talk on?

This question makes you think
Would I die for my phone
Would I lie for a like on my Intsagram page?

What are the things I really couldn't live with out
If i had no air to breath my lungs would give out
If I had my friends to look after me
Who would hear me when I shout?

I’d like to think I'm this simple
That I value my friends over my phone
Fresh air over my Facebook page
But how would I know until I’m completely alone
Until one of them was gone
How would I know if I could really go on?


-Kayla Heiss

Whittier College

This poem is about: 
Our world


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