How Winter Came To Be

Catch quick a cold, succumb to a fever
Latch quick to a lover, create snowflakes in the ether
That's how winter came to be
She, a farmer's daughter in August
He, an executive in Necropolis
He wooed her from the fields to tempting fruits and fates sealed
Once a year, that promise revealed
That's how winter came to be
Torn between two polar sentient entities
And the polar chasm in between
She clasped to what she knew and grasped what she always desired for
That's how winter came to be
Her fear of disappointing parental guide and her fear of letting the greatest love die, tore her up something awful inside
He, though thought contrare of nature, had an understanding of her better than herself
And blood still thicker than water, kept its tendency and let the seeds of compromise grow
That's how winter left the scene
Other seasons come and go
All feelings ebb and flow
She and He still love one another
She is now balanced in all things: love, family and responsibility
That's how winter came to be
Better than she thought when her heart was finally free.

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Our world
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