How Times Have Changed


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2016 led so many astray,

While I’ve only begun to find my way.

What started with goodbye, that was fleeting,

Ended with the most sincere greeting;

To starting again,

Moving past “remember when.”


Waking at the break of dawn.

Waiting for Drill Sergeants to be gone.

Training felt like a lifetime,

But ended in a summer, sublime.


From changes of heart

Due to time too long apart,

To changes of thought

From the love he brought.

Until tears washed my face,

So I could relinquish the chase.


Still the top of my class,

But my mind, as fragile as glass.

One step closer to a degree,

If I can keep a hold on me.


Winter break was a reprieve,

So again, in myself, I could believe.


2017 presents opportunity,

To contrast last year’s irresponsibility:

A chance to grow older,

And let the past grow colder

Until all thoughts turn to change,

Letting my life rearrange

To the one God will revere.

Here’s to a new year.

This poem is about: 
My family


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