How The Story Goes

Dressed like a boy. Bullied by a brother. Boy of a dream. Girl of a dream. A loss of friends. A truth spewing mirror. Smiles falling fake. Brown skin in the face. Weight gain and junk food. Sadness. Crying alone at night. The loss of a mother. The loss of an inhuman friend. The build up of sadness. A black and white blog. A falling wall. Crumbling forts. Bright eyes hiding dark sparks. A new year. A load of stress. More and more homework. A breakdown of tears. A brain so full. New year again. A mouth full of harsh words. The first slice. Extra school. Tainted emotions. Clean. Smiles. Spiraling back to reality. A summer of joy. A month of laughter. August is dark. Extra pain. Back to school. Darkness in rage. The truth becomes pain. Homework. Darkness once more. What next? 


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