How to prevent contracting covid-19

Often wash your hands
With soap and water
For 20 seconds at least,
After going to the bathroom
Before you sit to eat
And after blowing your nose,
Coughing or hands to your nose
While you sneez

And if you don't have soap
And water- sanitize your hands
With alcohol responsibility.

Always wash hands
With soap and water
If hands are visibly dirty.

No touching of your eyes,
Nose, mouth with un washed hands.

No close contacts
With sick people.

Stay home when you're sick,

Cover your cough
Or sneez with a tissue
Then, in a trash,
Throw the tissue
And wash your hands.
And if you don't have a tissue,
Cough or sneez
Into your elbow
Rather than your
Hands as tissue.

Frequently clean, disinfect
Objects, surfaces touched.

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