I miss you when I can't sleep

Or right after coffee

And when I can't eat

I miss you in my front seat

Coz you are all that I want

Loudly its your name I'll chant


The first time I saw you 

I feel the argue of ewe

But my heart was already 

Attached to you with love edacity

And your ascent is what

I keep singing night long


I saw you the next day

And wanted to tell you so much

That my cravity for you is like thirst

But I got defeated by dismay

My heart was already in loneliness

With you alone inside my mind


Then I walked home 

Along the sides of the road

Covered with dust and husk

From the nearby women

Winnowing innocently and failing

To identify this lonely soul


Less did my bedsheets fail

To notice the sublime in the bond

Of the love between us

That is fading away slowly

Amerous attachment stole my heart

And towards you slowly it drifts


That night I tried

To keep my head strong but

My heart would not let me

Grow away from you

And my mind told me

Lets go tell her we love you


Here comes the twilight

And here you pass feeling light

With your sexy round-ball eyes

And irrestitable beauty stealing

My heart into singing sweat melodies

I cannot even remember the lyrics


I stood by and said hello

You smiled and stared at me

With mixed feelings I smiled shyly

Thinking this was my romantic moment

Hello you said with  those sweet lips

And walked pass me


I wanna say I love you

But my tough hid

Behind the trembling teeth

And my heart beating faster

How I wish you know how fast

My heart beats for you


The sweat words hide behind

My already sunken lips

Tell me how to win your heart

Because I have no clue

But can say I love you

If only you know how much I need you.




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