How Long

I am sick and tired of this corruption, these white devils act as if there is no God. I called them white devils not because of the color their skin. Because they're lost in sin, drowning in darkness trouble waters. Because of all the wrong they do and did. I've learned those kind don't give a damn about you or me, look how they lie and try to control me and you. They are sick and we know it's true. But what are we going to do? I can't fight these white devils alone, I must hold faith and keep praying in order to remain strong. Yet how long must we deal with the neglect, and abuse in many forms? How long will they go on and misuse their authority? How long must they deprive many of what they are entitled to. How long must we deal with the hell these white devils keep putting us through? How long must we be quiet, close our eyes and ears.
This negativity has been going on for too many damn years. These white devils are stealing hope and killing dreams. They rape our world and molesting human and civil rights over and over again. How long must this go on my friends? csoldier4jah trademark

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My country
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