How Jack and the Beanstalk Should've happend

Jack awoke another morning, hungry, cold, and sad, fore he knew that today was the final day of his dear friend T.J.'s life, a cow of course. His mother had given him one week to find a job that was capable of keeping them out of poverty before he must sale his cow but sadly he had no luck, no one wanted to hire a weak inexperienced farmhand. He heard her start shouting 'Jack, it's time, get dressed and get moving its a long trip to town!" He slowly climbed out of bed, put on his raggedy clothes, holey shoes, and made his way outside. He put the rope around T.J.'s neck, he moo'd once. long and sad, he knew what today was. As they began their trek Jack started reminiscing about how he raised his friend from a young calf after he found it orphaned, their journey through the fields back home and Jack bottle feeding him getting him back to strength. It almost brought tears to his eyes, then he saw they had already reached town, there was vendors all around. "Who do I start with first?" Jack thought. Then a strange man approached him, he offered Jack three "magical" beans in exchange for his cow. Jack quickly said no and asked if the guy was off his rocker, he walked away to the meat vendor, sold T.J.. for 75 shillings and walked glumly home. He passed the market on the way and decided to stop in and get some food for dinner tonight, as he walked in he saw the town drunk by the slot machine, Jack payed no attention to it and started feeling up his cart, one bag of bread, a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, some hamburgers, and he was checking out he realized that he spent far too much money and only had 10 shillings left, he thought "What can i do now?' He decided that he might as well try his luck at gambling, the first 4 times were rough, he lost nearly all his money, he decided that this would be his last try, and the machine roared to life, he closed his eyes and prayed, intense ringing started, he opened his eyes and saw 7 7 7, jackpot winner, over 10000 shillings! What a turn of luck, he ran home with his pockets filled and showed his mother, they both wept from joy and knew that money would never be an issue again. Or so they thought, soon after Jack developed an intense drug problem and OD'd three months later, after blowing all the money. 


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