How I see myself

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 16:35 -- Nejnyx

I am the piece of clothing

that falls when you're 

carrying laundry that

you don't want to pick up


I am the lighter that

ran out of fluid


I am the leg on 

the chair that is broken


I am that first sip

of hot coco

that burns your tongue


I am the E

on your gas tank


I am the shoelace

that comes undone


I am the C

on your report card


I am the skips

in your cds


I am the medium sized shirt

that doesn't fit you



I am the cold water

that surprises you

in the shower


I am the breadcrumbs

in your butter


I am the expectant eyes

of your peers


I am the sentence

"We need to talk."

from the person you love most.


I am the thing falling apart

in your life


I am all those small things that make

your world fall apart.





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