How I see "Being Black"


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Being black in this country you grow up bluntly seeing the funky 
perception of black society and the variety of stereotypes that comes from the piety of those who think they know a black person's propriety and I'll give priority to the fact that there's always some level of reality in stereotypes, even the ones with more notoriety, but I get anxiety when people think the black community is defined by them entirely, and I'm done talking about this issue privately or quietly because it needs to be discussed defiantly 
because people will have you believe, in order to be black you need to be strapped wit a gun that has full magazine and objectify women as objects you can just pick out of a magazine 
while you collect toe tags with your gat,
as you hustle on the corner making business good for a coroner, and in your free time you know you're either an athlete playing corner or rapping in your living quarters for four quarters, 
because you know school isn't gonna pay the bills this game called "life" drills 
you with, and of course your anguish and languish will never be spoken in language which is hard to salvage since its packaged with baggage of slang and poor pronunciation that is your passage to say the n word, which solidifies your blackness and allows you to evade having to manage 
the demeaning insult of being called an Oreo, because the meaning means if you don't use and know what slang words mean then you're no longer 
black but really Caucasian, and what I'm sayin 
is some people believe that these things make you a real nigga, but if I'm being real nigga, the enigma of a real nigga realizes that using nigga really should be prohibited to all people because of it's stigma,
and they know "claim to being black" is a claim that should be acclaimed, because no name is a no name, because to know names of black people is to know the stains of historical fame and shame that's been pressed in our brains, and this brings me to my main point, that even though history has tried to maim us, 
we need to see ourselves as lions with large manes because I'm not lying when I say we are more resilient and unbreakable than iron, but we instead listen to Simon who says to stay strapped with your iron, even though your mind is the icon of dangerous when your positively charged like an ion because our creativity is rare like a diamond 
which is the driver that's gotten us higher than any possible job hire, and I'm tired of people defining your entire blackness by your attire, because I desire to show our design of humor requires you to inquire about how we always make life fun until we expire and the way we admire authenticity should be admired, even tho the authenticity we do admire could be wiser, but I just aspire to inspire a black community as a writer to see they're not defined by clothes, drugs, or violence as they've been told prior, but that the idea will transpire that they're defined by creativity, relentlessness, and joyfulness will catch like wildfire


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