How I Love

The treasures we hold dear to us are the ones we love,

Friends, family, and our significant other,

Those we cherish with our hearts deeply.

And one may ask me how do I love these people I hold dear?

How I love is through the support I give,

With a lending shoulder and a listening ear.

How I love is through the jokes I bring,

In hopes of smiles for joy and laughter that’ll ring.

Because I love you, I’ll never wish you misfortune nor show you mistreatment

Through adversity, when you’re broken,

I’ll be there, by your side,

Cheering you on when you need it.

Through the darkness that you may linger,

I’ll kindle a gentle, small fire,

To remind you of warmth and kindness, to keep on going.

Because I love you, I want to be someone you can trust and go to for help.

Despite the negativity that fake friends portray,

I’ll shower you with positivity as to you, I’d never betray.

All the exaggerated rumors and lies from every judging eye,

Will be washed away from our indifference and our truths that won’t hide.

Because I love you, I will show you exactly how I love you.


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