This is How I Cope.....

When I feel down these are things I do.  The many ways I cope is how I show my hue. 


If I feel stressed I sketch crazy ideas, from vehicles, armors to epic story scripts.  On a rainy day when I feel sad I’d rather do chores and physical labor so I don’t feel bad.


When there’s a day before going back to school I take a walk or go somewhere cool.


I feel pressured because I know the next day will be full of schoolwork treasure.  I could have a test a quiz or something unexpected which is why I take extreme measures. 


The most satisfying way to deal with life’s pains is to walk in an ecosystem with plants animals and trees.  This way all my troubles are left elsewhere and I can focus on living my life fair.


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I typed this poem to express how I deal with my negative emotions.

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