How to Express Myself Without Seeming Like too much of a Weeaboo (At Least to my Friends)

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 20:50 -- MrReady


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When I sit in my room

And when I'm watching some gloom

I lie in my bed

And think it's all in my head

These tears that I'm crying

Although that I'm trying

To hold them in

Just won't do.


No one cares enough

To watch this stuff

Except for me

So to answer my plea

I don't bore my friends

Whose tempers have ends.

I write poems-

They will do.


Feelings for people

That do not exist.

They flood in the steeple

That's my brain, that's the jist.

Although they're not real

These feelings I feel

Truly are.


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