How else would I survive?

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I knew that I was different when I was about two

I was eating syntaxes instead of regular food

I inhaled stanzas whenever I would breathe

And when I ran my asthma was cured with similes


I knew that I was different when I was about four

Instead of bleeding blood I bled metaphors

My nerves were epics

My heart was a form

And this is how I realized

That I wasn’t the norm


Words are what I was made of

Sentences were what I could see

Paragraphs were my feelings

Paradoxes were my beliefs


Everyday I drank my puns

So I would grow big and strong

I spent my free time playing with paper

An object that felt like home


School was alliteration

Life was a haiku

Home became an elegy

And that is how I knew


That writing is who I am

Writing is my life

Writing is more than an art to me

It’s the reason I’m alive.




This is a great poem! Do you mind if we feature it on our social media?


You're more than welcome to post it as long as I get credit! And thank you I've worked hard I'm glad someone likes it!


Great!  Thank you!  The whole concept is just really cool.  


No problem! What site are you posting it on if you don't mind me asking?


Thank you so much! It's one thing to hear feedback from your family but to know strangers also think my writing is good just encourages me to write more! 

Ill be sure to write more now that I have an audience! 


It's up on our Facebook page!


This is perfect. You used all the right words and laced them together where they formed perfectly. It was unique how you used the literary terms, too to describe how much writing affects you. I really enjoyed this poem, it is quirky and clever.


Wow! You are Amazing!


I loved it!


I agree--the poem is wonderful. 


Love It!


Beautiful poem! 


Love it!




I LOVE THIS! It's incredibly beautiful!



Amazing poetry. Write on. It's beautiful.

I wish you a thousand words.


Love it.. Gave me chills. I felt the emotion that was put  into this.


What a beautiful poem! I think if I had to pick a favorite line it would be "paradoxes were my beliefs." What an interesting concept, considering the plethora of different beliefs people have today.


Mindblowingly amazing. 


love this! it's cute!


This is amazing


I love this so much!!!! Thank you for sharing it!!


Extraordinary, very honest. You made being different a positive subject, and very relatable to writers.


I think I'm a bit late and that's okay, but you speak so many words of truth and I don't know if anyone will see this but you're truths are greater than most of the ones I have seen throughout my time being a part of the poetry world. I love this poem and it hits really close to home but in the best way possible, no other poet is one that I have connected with. I feel like to really get this poem, you have to understand how important writing really is. This is the best poem I have seen to date. Thank you for writing it and allowing people to see it.


Dang that was really good. Writing is your life and apart of you and you expressed it well through this poem. So glad I came across it. Love this poem and keep writing on my friend :) !





I love this poem so much! I feel like it describes the majority of the people on this website and more! Truly relatable!

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