How did we know?


Where did we learn how to talk? Did adam and eve just know words, and how to walk? How did we know we need to eat? Just out of the blue we began to crave meat? How did we know to sleep at night? Was it because we could only see with light? Why is it that we use our hands? Our toes and feet do not meet our demands. What was the thing that made us think Of blue and yellow and orange and pink? Who was the man that learned we can siwm? And who was the one that pushed him in? Who was the one to burry the dead? To give respect and lower our heads. Why is it that we wave goodbye? Why does it sometimes make us cry? Where did we learn how to put up a fight? To gather ourselves and all of our might. When did the idea come to mind to keep track of dates, years and time? Who were the ones to first lock lips? The attraction between them caused them to kiss.


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