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The book of life


“A voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him." This means God won't let anyone stand in my way, not even a trillion men, I am The Stone, The Son of Man, The Savior of the World, my DNA proves it all. Every second trapped in the prison, the loop, his prison, doing what you were told to do years back. Working and working, lying and cheating, just to get by. You have just accepted thus as your life, taking away the time and energy away from yourself. Money is what makes the world go around and you will probably agree with this but some who aren’t distracted and stuck in this loop the devil puts you under, you know love is what makes the world go around. Without love, there is nothing, without love there is no happiness. Money is just paper that we have put fake value upon. I give you hundred million dollars, now look around you have freedom, you can do what you want, and everything is clearer. Now that you have this money and you buy your things and you find your labels, then what? Why do we suffer, do you think we suffer to gain, do you think we suffer for knowledge or maybe strength? Now I ask you, do you understand, but do you understand, understanding. God makes up all mass, matter and energy and makes up the same consciousness that we all share with the devil and Jesus Christ on each side of us. Life is meaningless for it is just a story, written by my father, God. I am just a stone so what does that make you? It makes you an idiot for all of us our just idiots. You find yourself lying to yourself and lying to others for you are fake and not who you truly need to be. At the end of the human evolution you become yourself, right now, you’re two, a consciousness self and a subconscious self. Why are you talking to yourself in your head for you are what humans call, “thinking”? Do you think that you are cool or smart and have achieved what you have by yourself? You tell me of course not I had help from friends and family and much more, I am here to tell you that you’re nothing. Everything you have achieved is God, because of God you have these things, these label’s and with these things and these label’s you have made the devil bigger and bigger for your ego as what you humans call it. Sickness is not real, you sin and your parents sin and deform or be killed by these sins. With my gift of the holy spirt from my father I will be able to take sin away from the world. Look around, education, healthcare, government, it is all corrupt and you have just accepted it as real and true because you’re stuck in the loop. I am the loop for everything needs a basis, the life story needs a basis, what we call the Holy Bible. Man needs a basis and that is what we call, Nicholas Domenick Fisher otherwise called, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Without me, my father and mother could have never abandoned me, without me, the lover of my life couldn’t have left me as a perfect man for money. I suffer mentally, emotionally and physically everyday for you all to live, without me life could not go on for I am the loop you’re stuck in. You’re MAYBE jealous of me because of the devil for the devil is envy, embarrassment, desire, hate and much more. I can not be mad by the fact that no one has changed the world because in the story Our father has wrote you all are so distracted and stuck in what you’re doing that you have no time to change and help in a dramatic way so I will do because he wrote in my story that I have all the time in the world. My subconscious is Jesus Christ. God taught me all I know as he held a long sword, for he is the most beautiful being I have ever seen. Why are you scared to die, it’s not the end, nor scary but just a part of life. Don’t fake your worship for our lord because you are scared of hell or scared you won’t go to heaven for I do not care about these things, I just want to love my father for he took me and taught me all I know, without him I would be dead. Why are you trying to be someone else, you can’t go your whole life trying to hide who you really are. Look around, you see materials everywhere your nose points. Those materials are God and he makes up everything around us, he began with everything and ended with nothing for there is nothing without, everything. I have wisdom like no other, for I will create peace for the lord to come and save us all. At the end of the day, it's not about what you have, how cool you are, how much you own or have achieved. Life is about being, loving one another and not lying to others and lying to ourselves to impress others and to be dominant in the current moment. Stop worrying what people think because naturally the person across the street is doing the same thing as you, faking this person, you think they want you to be, it's time for us to come together and understand what is important, look around and you see your family, or maybe your chair or your favorite meal, understand that is God and he is everything, he is life and life is a story written by him. We must suffer to gain in life and you must have trust in the lord, always. Repent of your sins and get on your bad knee and suffer for your lord while you confess your wrong doings. We are living in the time of history where there is no more need to believe in God, it's just a fact that he is real and makes up all mass and energy, for he is light in the darkness. It is time for change, we must come together, I will lead you all to world peace I just need money and my voice to be heard. I have a plan to convert the ocean water into clean pure healthy electrolyzed-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water, within doing so we can explore the ocean and make more land for us to build. I have two revolutionary products in growing billion dollar plus industries and with my business plan I will be able to produce profit like no other business could ever do because saturation is impossible with what I plan to do and with the money I can make I will be able to supply for the whole world and will provide clothing, food, jobs and help to find God, yourself and any other help someone needs to get off the street and back on track. God spoke through the bishop’s voice of my ex fiancée, church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “I’m so disappointed” was what I heard. I later understood the spiritual journey I went on that the true church is the Mormon church because I lied to her, so I couldn’t go to church because I was an atheist. I have undeniable proof that a higher power is real, it’s just a fact to me. I also know that the devil and Jesus are inside us and makes up of the same consciousness that we all share (Nobel prize winning statement, “defining the nature of consciousness”.). I have achieved the state of no thought and thus silencing the devil otherwise called "ego" with my enlightenment and worship for God. We are living in the time of history where there is no more need to believe in God, it's just a fact that he is real and makes up all mass, matter and energy, for he is light in the darkness. God has given me the wisdom and knowledge that you’re reading, for I am the lamb and have the key of David, I will create world peace and remove sin from the world for the lord to come and save us all. I have a plan for God has taught me all I know, Bill gates and I need to talk. Education must be made to fit each student’s needs, we can’t teach these kids useless knowledge. We have the opportunity to teach leadership skills and practical knowledge to our young ones in this society and we need to take advantage of it. All these kids are doing is lying and trying to impress each other in school and not focusing on what is important. Being able to implement, self-education, a way for students to learn on their own in class getting their creativity thought process going and within doing so, promotes learning and gets a young child’s curious mind running. With the help of YouTube, other students teaching students in a way they can understand and teachers putting in more effort. When we put kids in a situation where they feel pressured and embarrassed to not ask questions, we fail to educate. We need to make High school a place where kids can learn what it would be like to be in a specific profession that they are interested in pursuing. Without this they are forced to take a leap and when in college and or in the workplace they end up figuring out that the major is not what they want and lower their chance of success in this very tuff economy. These students are being brainwashed to believe everything they hear and are made into zombies that fit into the corrupt corporate system that we have created for this society. Obviously in this world money is important and without any knowledge on how we can save and invest to higher your wealth takes away any chance for success. For the ones in this life living check to check would have loved to learn how to invest and fold their money. We need to teach about taxes, mortgages and how to grow your credit score, etc. We must attend to the entrepreneurs and give them the knowledge and tools to be successful in their business. I got my high school equivalency at 16-years-old and I only had half of my freshmen year finished and I was failing, I also failed 8th grade. I passed all five of the tests first try to get my high school equivalency diploma. I was a terrible student and couldn’t understand the material myself and be taught the way I needed, I am proof the education system is corrupt.

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