How to Change Humanity


What is life?

In the grand scheme of things

To love

 To live

 To feel

My heart aches to think that as we live and breathe on this earth

We don’t reciprocate our feelings

We instead bury them within reason upon reason of why you shouldn’t be satisfied.

I love her and you love her

And therefore you can’t love her because I love her

And yes madam, sir, whoever the hell you are

That is silly

Yes I describe your intricate deeply rooted problems as silly


How hard is it to love?

To show some empathy.

And in the end of the day

The world still keeps on spinning

Even if you don’t want it to.

And now tell me

Why were we born?

Why can we breathe?

Why can we speak?

We have the things that we were given.

Wouldn’t it be a shame not to use them?

But trust me when I say that it is a delicate balance.

A delicate balance between to whether to scream or to shout

A balance between to cry or to sob

Why are we so amazing

Why are we so free?

We live on with problems that some consider blessings

My heart aches

Thinking that we hold back our screams and laughter

We hold back our abnormalities

To fit in

We were born with more than 5 senses can handle

We were born with a will of fire that will defy any norm

So why hide it.

Because, frankly no one in here knows left from right and up from down when you truly live

Hands, feet, toes, arms, a heartbeat, a heartbeat so soft that no one can hear if you don’t show it

Why, I don’t believe in a god, not one who judges and lies, but of the idea of a god, who can help keep our heads on straight, when they inevitably role onto the floor

We don’t have time to waste time

And to waste time is wasting your life

Wasting time

So wrap your head around that one and in the meantime while your head rolls away

Look at his smile, and say “damn, aren’t I lucky”

Look at her tears and say “I’m here for you”

And in the meantime breathe a deep, deep breath and think

What am I here for?

Who am I here for?

Then look inwardly, shrug your shoulders and laugh an outrageous laugh and say


We you and I we were all born free.


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