How Can I Leave When....


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She suffers unimaginable violence and neglect from him
Not because she likes mistreatment
But because she’s financially unstable

Can’t cater to her needs and that of her children
So she is stuck by him like leach
Promises to never leave cus who will provide for the family

She doesn't like the mistreatment's but have to deal with them anyways
Cus she dropped out of school when she was just sixteen
In the name of love
In the name of a good mother just to raise his child
And since then she hasn’t been back to school cus she
Been multiplying for this fool

Her whole life is in distress
Shame in her face and can’t stair at her peers in the eyes
Now picture she’s 30 years old and don’t know how to read and write
Apart from the little she learned, she doesn't know her rights
And even if she does but vowed not to mention them
Swearing not to leave him because she can’t take
Care of herself and her five kids
So she stays by him as she experiences the abuses
and neglects each day

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This is a very storng piece and really it is so sad to admit, our generation, who are the young being raised by the young, have witnessed many times the abuse for some of those who have to go through situations exactly like this. Many times it is hard to leave this behind at home and start what is suppose to be your life, but you will always come back and help- will be able to save her if you help yourself first. Remember, no matter what, that it is mothers like this who gave up their lives for their children, with noble sacrifice that hurts them and their children; but never let that be in vain.

This is an excellent piece and with a little revision it would be even better. Thank you for sending it in; it's truly heartbreakingly inspiring.



thanks a lot....i appreciate your words and i will also consider making some changes....

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