How beautiful to live and tragic to feel such a way

How beautiful it is

To live everyday breathing the warm/cold air of mother nature

I find it fascinating how we simply are living.

Look at those trees; so tall ,with many years

Look at those birds flying so freely in the wind as if nothing were ever holding them back

Look at that girl with a pretty smile, laughing with her friends

Not knowing she is making memories that will last

Look at that boy who is happy he made an A on his test

Look at everything around you; so sweet.

Life is beautiful and I love it!

However, how tragic it is to feel I do not belong here.

A feeling that does not go away; yet, I love life.

A feeling I have felt for many years.

At times, I forget the feeling and I feel like a flower

Who is important and valuable to the world.

When the feeling strikes… It takes me into

Deep spiraling thoughts and

into a slump to where there is no way out.

No one gets me here. Sometimes I want to be gone. Somewhere. What shall I do?

Life is too precious to feel such a way.

How beautiful it is to live and tragic to feel such a way.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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