How To Be Happy


“I am happy"

Happier than an orphan who is adopted on Christmas

And later returned to his previous conditions;

"The hope was all I needed"

Happy like a father who raises a daughter

That was never his— blessed to have any kids.

"I smile like a soldier"

After losing one too many brothers who tastes victory;

Enough for every one of them.

Happiness is a perspective.

Our eyes see,

But our thoughts act as the lenses.

Imagine blessings in place of stresses.

Seek enough, not excess.

Experience inner peace in depression.

Every obstacle is a lesson.

Exhale worries and feel the weight lessen.

Taking one step back means taking two forward,

Not regression.

Happiness is a perspective and to be happy

We must change our lenses.

By Hamza Yammout


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