How Am I Flawless


what makes me flawless?

ive rarely  felt beautiful or flawless, other than when i look good in a dress. i feel like flawless these days have more of a physical meaning. like the cover of a book is perceived with eyes more than the pages being read. 

flawless means my inner beauty outshines my outer shell, whether my appearance is attractive or not.

im flawless because i come from my mother rooted from my grandmother.

im flawless in many ways i can see now. but never payed heed to.

im flawless when i sing, because my inner thoughts flows through my voice into the air which people seem to love. 

flawless shouldnt be a phyisical meaning but it is, at least to others. To me, its how opinionated you are, creative, smart, cultivated, and beautiful. inside then out. 

i cant say ive never felt flawless, because i have. there have been fragments in time where ive felt this feeling. they never last, like a dream. but i never forget a feeling so wonderful, so embrasive. when im flawless, I AM CONFIDENT!

thats a feeling , everyone in the world should feel, because wihout confidence, what are we but a broken species only looking for shells. something to cover our beautiful  faults and flaws.

without those, we are empty shells walkig on legs; for me , i am me, faults and all. thats what makes me flawless. 


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