House of Mirrors


As I walk through this house

This house of mirrors

Some reflections are vague

And some, are clearer


As I pass them by

one by one

The reflections vary

The images are fun

Some are hairy

some have none


The reflections of myself

They slightly differ

From the slimmest of waists

To bodies much thicker


I look at my smile

some small, some big

My nose streches a mile,

Then I look like a pig


I begin to speak

The reflections talk back

The voices projected

They're all out of whack


As my walk turns to run, 

reflections no longer fun

Instead of myself, I see other things

From eyes like the ocean, to the deepest of greens


These mirrors alter personality

They say horrible things, distorting my reality

The screams call me to skinny, some too fat

They call me names, and I'll leave it at that


As these images all begin to change

I only wish to find one that is the same

The reflections are making me go insane


I question if they realize

That they are different too


The images scream, my body hits the floor

As I am crawling I feel that I can't take this anymore.


I begin to see the ones that I love, 

Could it be? Have I passed to the skies above?

Surrounded by peace, love in the air

These reflections do nothing but love and care


As I pick myself up, the statement is clearer

I live in a world of walking mirrors

Images of myself, distorted none the same

For I am original, that house is to blame


My message to others

entering this house of mirrors

There is only one image of you

and nothing else clearer.






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