The House in the Cul-De-Sac


A few weeks ago I walked into an abandoned house in my cul-de-sac, It was new yet rotten, tagged and trashed, violated mutilated desecrated dead, dying and forgotten… This wasteland of a property,… is a magic location, a haunted plantation, haunted by the ghosts of children’s dreams among the untrimmed trees, Like Mayan ruins in a misty jungle hiding in its chambers the mysterious magic to sprint Through time, and like a vivid midnight dream, I’m in a hot summer day dream 7 years yesterday. There I am dueling with Yu Gi Oh! Cards, taking it very seriously. Hunting each other down in a game of tag ( also very seriously). Playing epic matches of basketball out on the street (I always lost no matter how tall I am), Daring each other to get close to the scary two headed dog that lived in this very house, and then run away from them when they started barking ( but we later tamed them with cookies and sausages) Super soaking ourselves in the hot summer day, Turning super saiyan in the warm summer evening And racing our super bikes in the cool summer night. I see the usual gang, Jonathan, Jojo, Robbie, Max, and Me, The big kids, the movie stars of the neighborhood, Alyssa and Mike, Dan the resident wise man, with some stories and advice to offer… But the one thing I saw the most, was us not wanting those days to last, We wanted to grow up real fast, and we did Sitting in a circle in a vanishing evening we would talk about the future Dream about the possibilities But an icey breeze of limitation, realization, and degradation, … blew that summer, all those summers away and suddenly I was back, The house was vandalized, the dogs dead and the peach tree dry. This house really cant be bought, sold or foreclosed Our gang has long disbanded, waned by drugs and alcohol, and rockstar dreams I don’t wanna change their lives, or make them stay, I just wanna reunite the gang And take them back to that place for new time’s sake.



This a little poem I wrote for a Slam Poetry competion at my high school some years ago. I wrote about what I felt most at the time, which was a saddess as my old friends grew older and we all grew apart. My favorite things about the peom are the memories attached to them both of the old days hanging out with my friends and the great night of the performance.

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