House of Cards

Mon, 06/24/2019 - 13:22 -- ali45

Red and blue, red and blue, red and blue

the deadline for our life was due

the sirens’ song was drowned out

by my screaming thoughts

“It’s over! It’s all gone!”

I could only stare at those blue uniforms

A flicker of anguish in their eyes

To see my face of distraught and fear

I turned to see my dolls’ house in the corner

I looked at them with disgust and longing

The wind’s emotions hurled at the window

threatening to break in

A single flake clung to the window

But it left as quickly as it came

My breath began to rise and fall; deeper and quicker

I felt my legs give in under me

The floor was cold, it was carpet

Her legs were cold, my mother trembling

The tears fell, like a beautiful cascade

She scooped up my infant sister

The blue uniforms asked my mother for her emotional status

A quick overview followed

“...detainment..prosecution……..something...deportation..something else…”

Her mouth was dry with fear, “it’s your job”

The door closed leaving behind this pile of cards

she built a house of cards

that wind blew too easily

blew every card down

made us tear at the seams

broke this home

blew through every wall she had

This fortress crumbled to the ground

My queen almighty broke

As her soldier, I joined her in this defeat

I must take my place beside her

to comfort and look over her


This poem is about: 
My family
My country
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