This Hour

As a woman I am not free

As a black woman, I am chained.
As it stands today-
I am a refugee in the arms of the understanding.
Do not continue to predict my outcome,
Or weep on my disenfranchisement.
Instead, grant me my equality.
Look at me with level eyes,
Understand that I am your counterpart,
Not your sweetheart.
Not your mother,
Or maid.
I'm am a fighter-
I'll take what I believe is rightfully mine
And if I'm wrong then you will be robbed
This is not a threat but a promise
that I will stand alongside you.
If you find me in poor taste
Stop looking for me.
If you cannot stand to hear my proclamation,
Sit down and allow me to repeat:
There will come a time when I'm at my peak.
This good plated beauty will scorn all with her intelligence.
This time is now,
The hour of my freedom is upon us,
Bask in it or be abashed.
This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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