Hot Sauce

Wed, 02/10/2016 - 15:20 -- Fated

Spicy, robust, and red
Causing conflagration in my head
Without this sauce I’d be dead.


Some say love is all you need,
Others crave power to succeed,
But a slave to greed is ne’er freed.


But hot sauce is my soothing balm,
The one I turn to when needing calm.
It is to it I sing my psalms.


When my family doesn’t care,
That’s bottle’s always waiting there
Calling me close, drawing me near


Hot sauce isn’t one to judge,
What I do or whom I love.
He envelops me in sultry hugs.


When trouble comes my way,
I douse my food in this elixir.
The heat burns away the pain.
This sauce is my cure, my fixer.


-Azalea Anderson


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