Anger is imbeded deep within my demolished soul

it consumes my body and engulfs it with hatred a resentment

im fadng away

fading away from my old ways

fading away from my old self

i take my furiouness out on peple who dont deserve it

i go on a rampage

disinergrating aything in my way

without even thinking about it

the fire in my heart shines ever so brighty inside of me

its evil eyes peeking at my destruction

it enjoys my hate

it enjoys my pain

but when sadness enters my body,

the fire goes out

all is dark

all i quiet

the red hot firey flam is now replaced with a small


timid flame

it has no passion

it has no emotion

but sadness

filled with somber

it has no way to turn

because all the ways are blocked by a gate and the only way to get through is with "the key"

the key to happiness and jubilance


controlled anger

but i dont contain "the key"

and i never will



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