Hostility Will Never Hold My Heart

Religion had locked me up, in a closet

shrined with Adam and Eve and Mary and Joseph,


Adam married Eve, my child,

Mary wedded Joseph, my child.

Blessed be the day you crawl out of this closet

to be coveted by the golden halo God has for you.


I have been clothed in God’s golden halo,

drapery of fine linens, for he loves me so,

and religion had locked me up.


I wish for Adam to marry Adam,

Eve to love Eve.

For conservative shall never preserve,

progress has made its step forward,

and I choose to march with.


Religion had locked me up in a closet,

for if I had never opened the door,

misery would have reigned upon me.


And with this,

though I may be frowned upon in a chapel,

hostility will never hold my heart.  


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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