Hospital woes

While I was in the intensive care unit I wrote this in the style of dr. Seuss .. I love him!

For three weeks or more
I've been writhing in pain...
Went to my doctor
To be checked .. with no gain.

I walked around, shopped,
I Did laundry and all..
In the worst kind of belly pain
Blown up like a "ball".

"What is this? I wondered
How could this be so??
I eat meat, fruits and vegetables, where do they go?"

"When I sit down, it hurts me
When I stand and squat, too
I'm at my wits end
I don't know What To do!"

So I go to the ER
I SIT and I wait.
I see traumas around me..
They've too much on their plate.
It's my turn, they call me..
"Miss gray .. come right in.
What's hurting. What's broken?
Do you smoke and Drink Gin?"

"NO smoking, no drinking
No beer and no butts..
I try To eat healthily
No matter what"

"Why I should be suffering so..
I don't know
Wear a smile on my face
Wherever I go"

"I'm nice to all neighbors
In this state and others
Why must I endure
these belly ache troubles?"

The testing begins ..
And goes on and on, on.
Like a car being tuned
I feel I'm being conned..
For the bill is increasing
To Medicare-land
And no resolve is coming
Oh where do I stand???

After a dusting and cleaning of sorts
I'm handed my clothing
Shoes, hat, top and shorts
And am told I am fine
I can go on my way
Still hanging on to my belly ache pain.

I grow sicker, and paler and have the pains BAD
I try everything, anything, but still I am sad..
And cramping and oozing's
a terrible thing
I don't know what's worse ...
My call bell I'll ring!

"Miss nursie, miss doctor
And you, over there"
Do you think you can help me?"
They just looked and stared.

"If only we did know what did make you "GO" ..
All the oozing and goozing that's running so slow...
We could stop, make it halt
Then you would feel much better
Until then miss gray, we are all in a twitter.

So I look at my Lola Palolas great pictures
And start to feel better...she is such a mixture. .
Of love and of happiness. could this be???
God's great prescription of "healthy" for me!

It's a wondrous thing to be cherished and loved
And healed by dog-angel sent from above.

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