Hopes and Dreams



In our hearts are hopes and dreams
only to be replaced by lies and screams.
They ponder away so silent and cold,
wishing they could be thought of and retold.

For long ago not a day passed by
when they wouldn’t soar up into the sky.
Flying  through the roaring breeze
slashing at the air with ease.

They were all made up from imagination
and never bound to a single location.
It seemed that they were full of smiles and wonder,
though sometimes there would be the sounds of wailing and thunder.

Times came when we’d have close our eyes
but even then we wouldn’t have to say any goodbyes.
Friends and family are what they were
and sadly they leave nothing but a blur.

When we meet them now in our own mind
we realized we left them all behind.
In our hearts now are lies and screams,
filling the void of lost hopes and dreams.



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