Hopes and Dreams


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“I had a dream”
A very famous quote.
A dream of unity.
A dream of hope.

Everyone has dreams.
Some good, some bad.
But one thing I must tell you
Is of one that I’ve had.

The first thing I saw
Was white all the way,
But the first thing I thought
Was, “What a wonderful day.”

When my eyes unblurred
I looked all around.
I was in a meadow.
White flowers on the ground.

I heard a Voice speak to me
Saying, “Welcome home, son.
Have a look around.
Come here when you’re done.”

I knew not where He spoke of,
And I felt no fear,
But I couldn’t help wondering,
“Where is here?”

I looked all around me.
To trees moss was clinging.
No people were near me,
And yet I heard singing.

I followed the sound.
What a wonderful melody.
I went quite a ways
When I heard Someone call to me.

“You’re almost there.
Just watch where you’re going.
I’ve waited a long time.
Our population is growing.”

I’ve reached my destination.
It’s obviously my fate
For looming in front of me
Is a massive Pearl Gate.

I was now in the Man’s presence
Just as He intended.
He said, “Come back later.
The world has not yet ended.”


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