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Tue, 10/16/2012 - 17:36 -- anamann


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One day I was homeless...
I was a stranger, someone showed me kindness, love and hope. Someone believed in me and was compassionate. A social worker at the shelter, that I will never forget, who was also an immigrant.
I was in a shelter, trying to move out from an abusive relationship.No family or friends, money or house, nowhere to go.I didn't have a job or bank account. I didn't have a car.I don't know if you know what is start from zero, and to be living one day at the time without your own "address".
I met a good Samaritan, I want to be one too.Also a pastor who found me a job.
Today I know was is to have a warm house, food, job, and a dream. I scrubbed a lot of floors, clean many patients, listened to many stories. I know how difficult is when you have nobody to help you in an emergency situation.But angels exist, they are God's creatures here on earth, THEY GIVE HOPE,LOVE AND FAITH.
I knew Jesus well, I know that nobody, no situation, thing, people or anxiety will take my joy, because he is my joy.I had documents to live legally in the country, this help me a lot, but I had no dignity, because people would look to me and didn't know that and just ignored me. I can imagine how hard must be for people without documents, homeless, no jobs, nobody to support them. I am not saying that is OK to be illegal, but is OK to be treated as human being and have dignity.I think the poor immigrant should have better treatment as an act of being treated first as an individual, an human being.Compassion , hope and just more compassion.

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Poem to help homeless.

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