Hope and Faith in Us


United States
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It started here.
I walk through the door.
Did you ever glance?
You never notice me.

I sit next to you.
You ignore my presence.
Tried to interact.
But, you blew me off.

We started class.
The class was prepared.
He set us as partner.
How excited were we?

Few days had passed.
Who ever knew?
That you would ask to be partners again.
I was shocked, if you knew.

I am confused.
I wish I knew.
What he was thinking 24 by 7.
I don’t have a clue.

After lab he gives me a gift.
Here is my number.
Feel free to call me.
My stomach sank to the bottom of the ocean.
I’m thinking oh wow! What did I do?

Called him up a couple of hours later.
He wants to hang.
I thought it was joke.
He wanted a date.
Didn’t response.
Shuttering for a moment.
Never been asked out.
I accepted the invitation.

We go on our date.
He was sweet and kind.
We talked forever.
Talk about things we had in common.
I hope to get together again soon.
Man, it was a blast.
I don’t want to give it up.
I hope this will last.
Have a bit faith in us.


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