The world is cold and harsh

 A blanket of darkness and terror engulfs us all each moment

nearly nothing arouses a reason to try, to work, or to see the next day

Yet a flambeau of optimism and courage remains, untouched and untainted by the world


The hope of humans

It is the hope in a friend’s soothing voice after society has scorned you

It is the hope in a mother’s eye as she sees her child breathe their first breath

It is the hope in a stranger’s greeting that proves we are not alone in the gloom

Hope is all that binds us; moving us forward to greet the day with vigor and fervor

It is the unwavering guardian that bars the daily tribulations from tearing us asunder


I am no exception

I greet the day hoping that one day the world will be better for us all

I welcome the morning’s tumult with purpose because I hope I can make a difference

I meet each day’s chilling embrace because I hope beyond myself that the pains are brief

And that together Humanity than rise above the harsh ice and be strong together in harmony

This poem is about: 
Our world


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