South Africa

To live without one thing or another,

Or to even live without one's brother

Is a terrible thouht to bring.

It's like being unable to sing,

Or perhaps it's even worse than that.

Perhaps it's more like having your heart rate flat.

Yet if I were to have to decide

What I couldn't have leave my side

It would be such a hard thing to do.

To pick between this, that, and you.

And if I pick only one

Then the rest are all done.

How should I know which would like to be by my side,

Or which one would have cried.

How could I doom her or him

To stay with me on a whim.

So maybe people aren't the best choice.

For they would grow tired of my endless voice.

Perhaps then a book.

That could stay in it's nook

And help me to stay alert,

And not feel so hurt.

Yet that old tattered mess

Would help me less and less.

So perhaps I'd want something to eat.

Something exotic and neat,

But it would be gone to soon.

Like the light of the moon.

There is one thing I can't live without

I know this with no doubt.

I could not live without a rope,

Or some silver of hope.

For if hope were to flee

Why I'd only have me.

And if that were true

Then I think even you

Would do the same

And there'd be no blame.

Then there would be none,

And only the sun.

Wether it be

Hope to see,

Or hope to be.

I would cease to be

Without hope in me.



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