Every day,

Ever since I was young,

I hoped


I hoped to play with my friends afterschool,

I hoped to eat ice cream for every meal,

I hoped to get that toy I saw at the store


Even today,

I still have hope


I have hope that I will find a career that I enjoy,

I have hope that nothing terrible will happen to me,

I have hope that people will become decent creatures one day


Every day,

I have hoped,

And every day,

I will hope


Hope is all I need

All I need is hope


Without hope,

There is nothing,

I am nothing


There is nothing to look forward to,

There is nothing to dream about,

There is nothing except me and a cruel, hopeless world


Hope is all I need

All I need is hope


Hope is something that I cling onto,

It is something that allows me to keep moving forward,

Something that pushes me to do better and work harder


My motivation, strength, and knowledge

They all come from this idea of hope

The idea that I can believe,

Believe in something that is unimaginable

And make it into something that I can say I accomplished

Me, an ordinary person

I can say that I accomplished the unimaginable


To you, it may seem possible,

But to me,

I never imagined I had the ability,

Not until I hoped


Hope is all I need

All I need is hope


Hope has given me power,

And with this power,

I can do anything


If this power is taken from me,

I am nothing but a shell of my former self


I will not do anything because it will be unimaginable,

I will not believe,

I will not have knowledge,

I will not have motivation,

I will not have strength,

I will not be me


I will be hallow,

I will have no future,

I will be nothing


You won't see me as someone different

Or someone with any promise

In fact,

You will not see me at all

I will be nameless person in a crowd full of potential people

All because I have no hope

All because I am hopeless


But I can never lose hope,

I can never be hopeless

Because without hope,

I will never survive


Hope is all I need

All I need is hope


Through hope, I have all the power I need

I can get my doctorate,

I can become the best of the best,

I can be someone that people look up to,

Someone that changed something for the better,

Someone who did something

Through hope,

I can and will do anything and everything


Hope is all I need

All I need is hope


Like people and their phones,

We are inseparable

Hope is something that I can never put down

It is always in my head, and hopefully,

It will always be in my head


This idea is all I have

It is all I will ever need

Because through hope,

I can do anything 


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