The only thing I need

The only thing anyone has ever needed

Is hope.

Without hope, dysphoria is eternal

Blue funk dresses already sparse silver linings

Self-slaughter becomes logical choice

And loneliness is no longer simple solitude

it becomes a desolate wasteland overcome with hellish beasts.

Had humans been created without hopeful souls

Self-slaughter becomes logical choice

And all hell breaks loose.

If you happen to dwindle

If you happen to fall

Refrain from latching on to the idea

of remaining there.

You must burst through the concrete

as if you are a weed

stretching towards the sunrise in search of light.

Though you may say, a weed does this purely for survival

an unremarkable weed only requires the sunlight to grow

this could not possibly be a sign of having hope.

You are mistaken, if you do believe

that without a source of light

whether it be a person or passion

you will ever grow into anything greater

than an unremarkable weed.








This poem is about: 
Our world


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