A tunnel shrouded in darkness

A train of fear speeding through

A tear slipping from closed eyes

Not a single light in view.


The tunnel stretches onward

The feet stumble and slip

The hand reaches out to steady

But it finds nothing in which to grip.


Splash! Echoes through the tunnel

Thud! Resounds through the walls

Help! Repeats in desperation

But not a soul hears the calls.


The spark inside starts to wither

The strength of body fails

Leaving only enough to give

A few heart-broken wails.


We all know this tunnel

Have felt its darkness and fear

But only one thing can give us

The strength to persevere.


It is a flicker of white-hot flame

Defiant in the storm’s gale

That allows us to move forward

Trekking up the steepest trail.


Hope stands by us for eternity

Lending strength to those in need

And it will never be forgotten

By those that it has freed.

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Our world
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